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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.





Jody, aka Jodie, came to Full Moon Farm in the winter of 2005 from the Foothills shelter. She was originally thought to be a coyote, after being caught in a live trap after a chicken buffet while at large, hence the name Jodie Coyote! After her vet care and evaluation, Jody was deemed a husky-mutt, with little or no wolf or coyote content. Because she was unsocial, not “add collar, instant pet,” she became a full-time resident of the farm. We estimate Jody’s birthday to be May 1, 2004.

Hi I’m Jodie Coyote! Well, I really am Jody, but I love to role play at times. I am paired with Ramses and love my life at Full Moon Farm. If you sponsor me, you can help spread the word about us “myth”understood canines, and enjoy my picture too!