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Without Wolves, there would be no dogs.




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These are some of the members of our "two-legged pack."
Their assistance is what makes Full Moon Farm work.


Nancy Brown, President:

Nancy became interested in wolfdogs in 1994, when she got her first one. Her love for these special animals has grown to the Presidency of Full Moon Farm, Inc. Ending the cycle of abuse and abandonment of wolfdogs, and all "pets" is first and foremost on her mind and in her heart. By working through Full Moon Farm, she is able to "make a difference" in the lives of the rescues and residents here.


Jay Alcombright, Volunteer:

Jay heard about the Farm when he saw Nancy and River at the 2010 Charlotte Pet Expo. He was helping with one of the other rescues he volunteers at, and came over to get some information. He started volunteering at the Farm in June 2010. "I have been known to do anything at anytime on the farm. I enjoy just being outside with the pups and filling in Banjo and Yeddy’s excavations!"

 Andrea Brooks

Andrea Brooks, Volunteer Photographer:

"I first found Full Moon Farm while doing a photographic documentary for school... and once it was finished, I never left! It's hard to get away from the wonderful spirit and love that exists up here on the mountain, and being allowed to capture that in images is a true blessing. While I'm a little shy about going in with most of the woofers, I do have a few favorites - as you can tell by my profile picture - some of our guys are total divas for the camera!"



 Jason Brooks Volunteer:

 "I first started volunteering at Full Moon Farm with my wife, Andrea, while she was doing a project for school and mentioned that they needed some handiwork done. After that, I've just been part of the team and try to help out where I can even though my strengths might not be in carrying food or scooping pens - funny enough I'm actually really allergic to dogs! There's always something that needs fixed, and so I try to help out as a handyman where I can."


L. Kamala Beissinger, Volunteer & Trainer-in-Training
Kamala has been in love with the earth and it's wildlife her whole life.  She grew up in a household with German Shepherd dogs and fell in love wolves from watching movies like, The Journey of Natty Gann.  Kamala earned a BA in Creative Writing and works as a full-time Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher and spends every free minute with the wolfdogs of Full Moon Farm.  
Peace and Love,Kamala

michael dio

Michael Cremone, Volunteer Coodinator,
Website & Social Media Administrator:

Michael is a transplant from New Jersey to North Carolina, but he is a southern boy at heart. The mountain air, clean living and a less rigid lifestyle are the simple things he enjoys most. Michael holds a BS in Biology from Rutgers University and has worked in the pharmaceutical, and garment industry as an IT guru for numerous years. When not lending a helping hand and paw to Full Moon Farm, Michael teaches and practices yoga and meditation, takes mountain adventures with his four dogs and helps with area dog training and rehabilitation programs.


Meg Ellis, Volunteer:

Meg has been volunteering with the farm since the winter of 2004. She became involved when Nancy sold her parents thier house. Meg has been hooked ever since. "I started out volunteering doing chores and ended up doing my senior project with them too. I help out with chores, but my main focus is doing education and fundraising. I currently work 2 jobs and a full time mommy to a 5.5 month old daughter. Volunteering at the sanctuary has been the best thing for me and is a great place to be. The animals need it, just as much as I do. Thank you for letting me be a part of the pack!"


Donna Wiedrich, Volunteer:

Donna has been a volunteer since December, 2010. She has served in many capacities including VP, Treasurer and Media Coordinator however her favorite volunteer activity is good old fashioned chores. Scooping poop, scrubbing buckets and socializing our resident wolfdogs is the highlight of her week!


Nathaniel Tingle, Volunteer

Nathaniel Tingle helps as a volunteer caretaker. This position is a true labor of love, dedication and commitment to the wolf dogs. He works in all kinds of weather at all hours of the day and night by the light of the moon at times! So you can see what a gift Nathaniel is giving the wolfdogs and the Sanctuary! He has been helping the farm since July 2011 after our last caretaker left. Nathaniel stated when asked why he does this work, "It is the knowing that what you do matters, that it helps take care of the animals." He feels his payment comes from the love and the bonds with the animals in his care.


Pam & Dave Michael, Volunteers:

Pam and Dave came to Full Moon Farm when they retired and moved to the area 2 1/2 years ago from California. In their "old" life, Pam was an elementary school secretary, and Dave worked for Apple, and they lived with two wolfdogs, one being a rescue. They chose Waynesville, to be located directly between their daughter and granddaughter, and their son and daughter-in-law. Because of their love of wolfdogs and experience with their own, they chose to seek out and volunteer at Full Moon Farm. Most Thursdays you can find Pam and Dave scooping, playing with and feeding the animals, then helping with building projects, or installing the name signs they custom make for each and every wolfdog at the farm. And to quote them: "Living in the mountains and volunteering at FMF is awesome!"